Vasyli Medical Continuing Education

Progressive professonal CE courses for clinicians, teaching hands-on tecniques for identifying lower limb pathologies and dispensing custom fitted orthotics.


During this course, you will review contemporary theories of lower limb biomechanics and interventions. Developing a working knowledge of lower limb anatomy and biomechanics. You will be highlighting and reviewing the following:  Understand tri-plane motion and recognize the major components of motion for the foot and ankle joints Recognize normal biomechanics of stance and gait Understand the key components of orthotic design and selection   Read More


This one-hour course will develop the student's knowledge of first ray function and its functional foundation with pathological pronation explanation, reviewing functional hallux limitus, and understanding step powers. The correlation of first ray function and muscular inhibition to musculoskeletal low back pain will be reviewed with the appropriate orthotic treatment and application to combat low back pain. Read More


The course will be taught entirely online. This will make it more convenient for the students, to learn at their own pace and schedule. The Tissue Stress Model and Orthotic Design are approved for PT, PTA’S, DC’S, AT, CPED’S, CO’S, and CPO’S. Read More

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